Optimise your fuel consumption

We4Sea Digital Twin online fuel consumption dashboard

This pilot is aimed to provide detailed insight into bunker consumption, charter party compliance and bunker saving potential.

Bunker vessel image for model based monitoring tool Digital Twin form We4Sea


You can request a pilot for just €1950,- per vessel. After a 2 month period, We4Sea will present a full performance evaluation including fuel saving potential and business case. This evaluation will include a full overview of all data collected, including:

  • Operational profile (speed, sailed distance, draft, voyages)
  • Speed consumption curve, based on Digital Twin-model
  • Fuel consumption and emissions (total and per mile)
  • Analysis of voyages
  • Fuel saving potential and business case

Manual integration of noon-reports is included in this proposal. 


We4Sea pilot Timeline
Timeline mobile


EML- case study

“Our pilot with the Digital Twin proved to be essential for the analysis in which we monitored the impact of hull fouling on fuel consumption, as it could normalise the data for weather, speed and draught. Using only noon-reported data, this analysis could not have been done."

-Bastian Schwarz – Head of Marine & Technical Department, EML

“With We4Sea, we have full visibility of the vessel bunker consumption enabling quick decisions, and that without having to install hardware. The pilot provided us with detailed insight into our bunker consumption data, without having to make significant investments upfront."

-Michael Bonde– Chief Operating Officer, UNIFEEDER

Michael Bonde Unifeeder