Broaden your knowledge around digital performance monitoring for vessels

We4Sea Digital Twin online fuel consumption dashboard

In only 30 minutes we will explain the advantages of model based monitoring compared to noon-reporting on the basis of our Digital Twin concept. By using Big Data and information about your vessel(s), we show detailed vessel performance, taking into account the weather conditions, currents and vessel speed. Using the Digital Twin can help you save up to 5-10% in fuel costs without upfront investments.

Bunker vessel image for model based monitoring tool Digital Twin form We4Sea

What you'll get

After this consultation, you will have acquired knowledge about:

  • Model based monitoring vs noon-reporting and sensor based solutions
  • Advantages and disadvantages of each solution
  • What factors influence your fuel consumption
  • How Big Data is used in predictions
  • How a Digital Twin can asses your vessel performance in real-time
  • How to navigate through the online dashboard

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